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Crash Test Dummy Curling - jocuri masini

Jocuri cu Crash Test Dummy Curling Titlu:  Crash Test Dummy Curling
Jucator: Esti jucatorul numarul 6408
Descriere: Hurl your crash dummy as far as you can. Because curling is just too dangerous for humans, jocuri masini.
Instructions: You're a crash dummy and you have to drive a car as fast as you can and slam into a solid brick wall. While at the very split second making the decision of what angle to fly out of the smashed up windscreen. And of-course to see how far you can throw yourself. The more you get closer to the center of the target the more points you earn. First of all use the SPACE BAR to move up through the gears at an optimum time to gain speed. Then once you've crashed into the brick wall, use the SPACE BAR again to set an elevation angle for yourself. Try and get yourself (the crash dummy) as close as possible to the center of the target on the ground.

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